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February 25 2015


Kim Kardashian & Khloe Kardashian's Suv Slides Off Road In Montana - Yahoo News

A tow truck was called to the scene to help get the vehicle back on the roadway. Capt. Wilfore told http://www.rayjandme.com Access this incident is not under investigation and that the poor road conditions have caused multiple incidents of this sort today. Troopers are being dispatched to several of these calls.
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/kim-kardashian-khloe-kardashians-suv-slides-off-road-223425326.html

Kim Kardashian Skips Oscar Parties: Find Out What She Was Doing Instead - Yahoo Celebrity

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January 17 2015


Kim Kardashian Shares Adorable Flashback Friday Photo Proving That ''some Things Never Change'' | E! Online

Kim shared a side-by-side photo earlier in honor of Flashback Friday, showing her wearing pigtail braids as both a child and as an adult. "#FBF 6 year old keeks vs 30 year old keeks #SomeThingsNeverChange," she wrote on the cute snapshot. PHOTOS: North West's cutest snaps! "Since it's award season I will do my #TBT to the time Kourtney and I went to the Emmys," she captioned the pic, before adding, "She was pregnant and I was about 15 to 20 pounds thinner." Kim is shown in a stunning white, one-shouldered gown with her hair swept back off of her famous face.
Source: http://www.eonline.com/news/615743/kim-kardashian-shares-adorable-flashback-friday-photo-proving-that-some-things-never-change?cmpid=rss-000000-rssfeed-365-celebritynews&utm_source=eonline&utm_medium=rssfeeds&utm_campaign=rss_celebritynews

Kim Kardashian Divorce: Kim Reportedly Calls Out Kanye West?s Manhood As Marriage Crumbles

Heres the tweet, which talked about Starbucks. - @MakeupByMario is getting Starbucks for us & asked me how I like my tea, black or green. Is he serious???? All black errrthang!!!
Source: http://www.inquisitr.com/1760181/kim-kardashian-divorce-kim-reportedly-calls-out-kanye-wests-manhood-as-marriage-crumbles/

Kim Kardashian's Butt Plays Peekaboo in Perforated Dress?See the Pic! | E! Online

by Francesca Bacardi Today 9:47 AM PST Loading... Khrome/ Splash News Kim Kardashian promised fans a new look after she and husband Kanye West "redoing" her wardrobe , but it looks like the reality star is up to the same old tricks: Showing off her butt in a tight-fitting dress! While out to dinner with her hubby, Kim wore a black perforated dress that left little to the imagination as its holes revealed bits and pieces of her butt! She paired her dress with a pair of black high-heeled booties and an army green coat that she seemingly didn't need due to the warm temps web site in Los Angeles. This isn't Kim's first intentionally butt-baring ensemble, but she has had some other run-ins with showing off her assets when she didn't mean to!
Source: http://www.eonline.com/news/615623/kim-kardashian-s-butt-plays-peekaboo-in-perforated-dress-see-the-pic?cmpid=rss-000000-rssfeed-365-fashion&utm_source=eonline&utm_medium=rssfeeds&utm_campaign=rss_fashion

Kim Kardashian Misses Her 2009 Emmys Body | Reality TV Magazine

Kim Kardashian can certainly sympathize with her struggling female fans, many of whom have followed the reality stars weight loss efforts with interest. Although shes happy to show off her bikini body on Instagram, Kim is evidently not one hundred percent confident about her appearance. The other day, Kim shared her obligatory Throwback Thursday post, this time highlighting a snapshot from the 2009 Emmys. The nostalgic reality star captioned the image, Since its award season I will do my #TBT to the time Kourtney and I went to the Emmys.
Source: http://realitytvmagazine.sheknows.com/2015/01/16/kim-kardashian-misses-her-2009-emmys-body/

November 28 2014


Thai Teenager Dishes On Her Rejection Of Kim Kardashian's Adoption Offer | Reality Tv Magazine

The mom did not particularly like the idea of her daughter leaving home to live in Calabasas, so she said no. During a recent interview with the Daily Mail , Pink dished on her relationship with Kim Kardashian. [Kim and I]had a connection straight away. I think she is really pretty and she has a very nice personalityI thought she was lovely and I really enjoyed meeting her and I loved being on TV too. Although initially excited by the prospect of adoption, Pink quickly realized that this was a terrible idea.
Source: http://realitytvmagazine.sheknows.com/2014/11/24/thai-teenager-dishes-on-her-rejection-of-kim-kardashians-adoption-offer/

Khloe Kardashian On Sister Kim's Paper Magazine Spread: 'It's Not For Everyone' - Yahoo News

Oddly though, Brandy and Kim did not get along at the end, with Brandy bashing Kim for stealing after her brother broke it off with the former so-called stylist. Though she knew Brandy would never come, Kim invited Ray J and Brandy to her big bash, a source dished to British magazine Closer. Aside from the ongoing divorce drama with Kanye West, Kim Kardashian has found herself in the middle of all kinds of controversy lately. Her recent nude appearance on the cover of Paper Magazine has brought her quite a bit of attention, though Kim said it was an opportunity she couldnt turn down . I was so honored and excited to work with [Jean-Paul Goude] because he is a legend, and for me that was something I wanted to do to make myself feel confident, Kim said in a recent interview on the Australian television show The Project .
Source: http://www.inquisitr.com/1626620/kim-kardashian-kanye-west-divorce-kim-reportedly-invites-ex-flame-ray-j-to-part-to-punish-kanye/

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Divorce: Kim Reportedly Invites Ex-Flame Ray J To Party To Punish Kanye

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October 04 2014


Kim Kardashian Wants North To Have Siblings | Webpronews

I dont know how my mom did it with six. Although it was hard, Kim said she still would like to have a big family. She explained that she loved growing up with a bunch of siblings, and wants North to have that same experience. Ill go for two, but then again I have so many siblings and I love it, theyre my best friends and I would love that for my kids, she said. So Im going to do two and see how it goes.
Source: http://www.webpronews.com/kim-kardashian-wants-north-to-have-siblings-2014-09

Kim Kardashian Dishes to Ellen About Wanting More Kids | Yahoo Celebrity - Yahoo Celebrity

But just because she has babies on the brain doesn't mean Kim isn't willing to step out of her comfort zone for a good cause and that cause was ALS. Challenged by Ellen, Kim agreed to (finally!) do the Ice Bucket Challenge. It went down pretty much exactly as you would imagine, with Ellen gleefully pouring a bucket of freezing cold ice water over Kim's head while she took selfies to document the event (in case doing it on television didn't document it enough). Kim didn't seem to enjoy it as much as Ellen did, though North West's mom was quick to reiterate it was "for a good cause." Now that Kim has tackled the Ice Bucket Challenge, maybe taking care of a handful of kids won't seem quite so hard.
Source: https://celebrity.yahoo.com/blogs/celeb-news/kim-kardashian-dishes-to-ellen-about-wanting-more-kids-164017120.html

Kendall Jenner shows off more than just her runway skills during Fashion Week | Fox News

7, 2014, in New York.AP Previous Next Kim Kardashian's little sis showed off more than just her runway skills over the weekend. While Kendall Jenner is making a name of her own for strutting her stuff at the Diane von Furstenberg show during New York Fashion, she's also following in her big sisters' footsteps. ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT Sister Kourtney shared a picture of Kendall's nude portrait for http://www.rayjandme.com/ photographer Russell James on Instagram. "Saturday muse," she captioned the photo of the 18-year-old's sultry pose.
Source: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2014/09/08/kendall-jenner-new-york-fashion-week-diane-von-furstenberg/

September 01 2014


Khloe Kardashian Style Better Than Kim And Kourtney's Photos

West as a variety of religious icons. Hannah Kunkle delivers Kardashian as the Virgin Mary, Medusa, the devil and even Kleopatra. The 23-year-old artist's garish style, somewhere between net art and religious tapestry, perfectly captures the absurdity of our nation's Kardashian obsession and predilection towards celeb idolatry in general. "Kim Kardashian is the subject of this series because she is someone I and many others are fascinated with without even sometimes knowing why," Kunkle explained to The Huffington Post. "She is everywhere we look and knowledge of the ins and outs of her life is almost unavoidable...
Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/06/27/kim-kardashian-art_n_5524013.html

Didnt think so. Of course, we all remember when Kim originally went blonde . I wish Khloe didnt have to pose with her sisters because Id really like to see her work this long flowy dress.Plus, the photo of Kim and Kourtney posing together looking like twins in near identical metallic dresses would be hilarious. 3.
Source: http://www.thegloss.com/2014/06/27/fashion/khloe-kardashian-style-better-kim-kardashian-kourtney-kardashian-photos/

Kim Kardashian Flashes Nipple in Instagram Selfie of Blonde Wig - Us Weekly

ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT What's with @kimkardashian boobs being ALL OVER since she had North?! You're a mom, put them AWAY #inappropriate #otherways2Bsexy Jayne O (@MrsTurf) June 19, 2014 Kim Kardashian wore a see-through top at the Bonnaroo Music Festival. I just see her desperate attempt...to get attention. #stillunimpressed
Source: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2014/06/25/kim-kardashian-criticized-for-revealing-outfits/

Kim Kardashian criticized for revealing outfits | Fox News

"It's just a wig! Looks so real though, right?" she captioned her nipple-baring selfie. Credit: Courtesy Kim Kardashian A third picture showed a closeup of the Keeping Up With the Kardashian website star's face. "Night!!!
Source: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-body/news/kim-kardashian-flashes-nipple-in-instagram-selfie-of-blonde-wig-2014266

July 17 2014


Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Won?t Be Moving Into Their Bel-air Mansion | Webpronews

She and the Yeezus rapper purchased the home back in January of 2013 for an estimated $11 million. The 10,000 square foot mansion, which has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, has been under renovation sinceit waspurchased. The home was initially scheduled to be complete in February. However, that date was pushed back until July, and the home is still nowhere near completion.
Source: http://www.webpronews.com/kim-kardashian-kanye-west-wont-be-moving-into-their-bel-air-mansion-2014-07

Khloe Kardashian?s Dark Lipstick ? Vs. Kim Kardashian & Kylie Jenner?s Lips - Hollywood Life

In fact, their selfie game is so strong that we cantdecide which selfie we liked the best! Kylie Jenner, and Kim and Khloe Kardashian all posted dark lipped Insta-pics on July 10, and we want to know what you think! Who rocked the best selfie? Tell us below!
Source: http://hollywoodlife.com/2014/07/11/khloe-kardashian-dark-lipstick-kim-kardashian-makeup-lips/

Kim Kardashian Was Desperate To Leave The Hamptons So She Could Instagram - Yahoo News

Kim Kardashian Was Desperate To Leave The Hamptons So She Could Instagram Kim Kardashian spent her Fourth of July weekend in The Hamptons, but instead of enjoying it like any regular human being, she posted this photo of her in a helicopter with the caption, Bye Hamps!!!! YOUR CELL PHONE RECEPTION SUCKS!!!! Have to go to the city real quick to Instagram!!! And thank goodness she made it back to New York City Sunday so she could post these very important photos. Who knew the Kardashians went to church?
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/kim-kardashian-desperate-leave-hamptons-she-could-instagram-154807727.html

Kourtney Kardashian?s Baby Shower Plans: Kim & Kourtney Throwing The Bash - Hollywood Life

News that sheand Khloe are planning the shower for their big sis and although no definite plans are in place, Kim is taking the reins and wants to get the ball rolling. Unfortunately, Kim and Khloewere pretty quiet about what kind of shower they are planning. They had a good reason though its supposed to be asurprise shower, and Kourt was standing next to them. Oops! Click external link to watch the Kardashian sisters talk about Kourtneys baby shower!
Source: http://hollywoodlife.com/2014/07/09/kourtney-kardashian-baby-shower-plans-kim-kourtney/

May 03 2014


Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Reportedly Getting Married This Week - Latimes.com

Kim Kardashian to attend 2014 Met Gala... one year after being mocked for THAT floral fashion disaster | Mail Online

But a couple could still be married legally in the U.S. and simply have a bang-up unofficial wedding ceremony and celebration overseas, and wind up American man and wife at the end of it all. TMZ says the gala affair in France will come in about a month. However, it won't be at the Palace of Versailles, according to venue officials. "On 19th http://www.rayjandme.com/ January @kimkardashian and @kanyewest visited the Palace of Versailles but they are not planning their wedding at the Palace," the Palace of Versailles' official Twitter account announced in late January. About 100 guests are expected, according to E!
Source: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/gossip/la-et-mg-kim-kardashian-kanye-west-wedding-married-courthouse-20140429,0,232040.story

Wedding shopping or picking up something for Met Gala? Kim stepped out in Paris on Wednesday and made her way to the Balmain show room Comparatively, more than 350,000 copies of Beyonce's edition were snapped up by readers while First Lady Michelle Obama's cover sold nearly 300,000. And with subscriptions, it is believed the total sales could come to over 1.2 million. However, it should be noted that Kim did her best to up the final sales tally and earlier this month she hit up a Los Angeles newsstand to buy souvenir stacks of the magazine. She described her first Vogue cover as 'a dream come true,' and Kim couldn't hide her joy at her major fashion coup, tweeting last month:'This is such a dream come true!!!
Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2616844/Kim-Kardashian-attend-2014-Met-Gala-one-year-mocked-THAT-floral-fashion-disaster.html

March 10 2014


Kim Kardashian "felt Guilty For A Year" Following Kris Humphries Divorce

The reality TV queen revealed on Twitter ahead of the broadcast that emotions would be running high; even attaching an Instagram screengrab of herself looking a little on the teary side. "Lots of tears tonight on KUWTK," she wrote afterwards. An emotional Kim Kardashian on KUWTK (Photo: Instagram) She'd previously teased: "This episode is so sad. I know I'm gonna cry." The episode saw Khloe Kardashian finally coming to the conclusion that her marriage to Lamar Odom is over, and that she should file for divorce.
Source: http://www.entertainmentwise.com/news/143199/Kim-Kardashian-In-Lots-Of-Tears-As-Keeping-Up-With-The-Kardashians-Airs-Midseason-Finale

Youve done every last thing that a person can do. She added: I think that you feel guilty, like youre giving up if you leave, when we just want you to know its not giving up. A crying Kim assured her sister: You dont have to go through it alone - thats why were here. Its the hardest thing. But youve told him: Come fix this marriage. But Khloe insisted she didnt think Lamar 'understands' how serious the situation is - while also admitting the saddest part for her is that it doesnt even rattle him when she threatens divorce. Youve done all that you can, Malika tries to assure her.
Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2577178/Kim-Kardashian-stages-intervention-help-sister-Khlo-accept-marriage-KUWTK-mid-season-finale.html

While discussing younger sister Khloe s impending divorce from Lamar Odom , Kim opened up about her split from Kris and the emotional fallout it took on her. I literally felt guilty for a year, Kim told Khloe of her split. Kim later admitted in a confessional scene sites that, despite her fondness for Lamar, she felt her sister had no choice but to end their marriage. As much as I love Lamar, its just so hard to see your sister live in this relationship where you dont know when shes going to speak to him next, said Kim. Despite Khloes agonizing over the divorce, Kim made it clear that trying to work on a relationship with Lamar wasnt going to work for Khloe because of the former NBA stars inability to meet her half way.
Source: http://www.wetpaint.com/kim-kardashian/articles/2014-03-10-kim-khloe-kardashian-divorce-guilt

Khloe Kardashian: My Mom Kris Jenner Basically Stalks Kim

Related: Khloe Kardashian's Ex, Lamar Odom, Moves to Spain "Listen, like when there's paparazzi, [they] are storming for their car, they are sucking it in in their cheeks, I love it!" she said. But it was all in good fun as a "Chelsea" regular Heather McDonald dressed as Jenner and took a pic with Khloe and her mother. Related Topics: Khloe Kardashian , Khloe Kardashian , Kris Jenner , Lamar Odom , Kim Kardashian , Lamar Odom , Kim Kardashian , Spain , Chelsea Lately Join the Discussion You are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer. Please click here to upgrade your browser in order to comment.
Source: http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/khloe-kardashian-mom-kris-jenner-basically-stalks-kim/story?id=22800923

December 30 2013


Kim Kardashian & Kris Jenner Ordered To Appear For Deposition In Lawsuit Against Ex-stepmom!!!

Kardashian, 33, shared the designer presents the little tot was gifted with earlier this week. Some of the items that were included? A sweater and two dresses from Stella McCartney, black shoes marked with kittens on top by British designer Charlotte Olympia, shoes by the legendary Giuseppe Zanotti and a matching pink blanket and slippers from Michael Coste (of Hermes Paris). PHOTOS: Kanye's most outrageous moments The family of three spent Christmas at grandma Kris Jenner's home. Two days later, the first-time mom showed off a gift of her own.
Source: http://omg.yahoo.com/news/kim-kardashian-39-daughter-north-west-gets-matching-160000289-us-weekly.html

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Are America's Least Desirable Neighbors

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has had a difficult few weeks after announcing her separation from the LA Clippers star who she was married to for four years and her siblings are reportedly worried for her wellbeing. Kim and Khloe are worried about sister Khloe following her divorce from Lamar (Judy Eddy/WENN) "Her sisters are worried so they talked and decided not to let Khloe be alone at any point throughout the holidays, a source told Now magazine. They've got a whole schedule planned out. She's very hurt right now, so everyone's on a mission to distract her from the misery." The 28-year-old posted a telling tweet as to her state of mind on her Twitter page shortly after the split, tweeting: "This, in and of http://www.rayjandme.com itself, is heart breaking and torture to my soul. Please, I don't need the extra rumors and BS right now." And it seems with the Kardashians spotted boarding a private jet for a family holiday to Aspen just days ago, everyone's focus has turned to making sure Khloe remains positive following what's been a difficult year.
Source: http://uk.omg.yahoo.com/news/kim-kourtney-kardashian-39-worried-39-sister-khloe-124120642.html

But we guess maybe they tried to get out of it? There ARE a lot of things happening in their life right now! But the ex stepmom filed a counter lawsuit that accused her former step daughters of a "litany of civil offenses, including defamation, intentionally inflicting emotional distress, a civil conspiracy to defame and the public disclosure of private facts." Here's what a source said: Its always been Ellen and her lawyers belief that they will be able to prove the the storyline was orchestrated. Their answers at these depositions could reveal whether any of the dialogue and discussion in key Keeping Up With The Kardashians scenes were scripted and staged and whether there was a plot to smear their dads ex-wife. We doubt they'll have a problem proving the scenes were staged, but we're thinking it won't be easy to prove that the lawsuit against the step-mom was a farce for ratings.
Source: http://perezhilton.com/perezitos/2013-12-27-kim-kardashian-kris-jenner-ordered-judge-court-ex-stepmom-lawsuit

But outside of Bel-Air, prospective home owners are apparently also steering clear of homes next to Justin Bieber , Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga , Alex Rodriguez and Lebron James. They're also still avoiding the cast of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, which occupied the top spot on the list last year and ranked at Number Two on this year's list. The most desirable celebrity to live next to this year was Jimmy Fallon, according to the survey. Eleven percent of respondents said the Late Night host would make for an acceptable neighbor.
Source: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/kanye-west-and-kim-kardashian-are-americas-least-desirable-neighbors-20131227

October 26 2013


Kanye And Kim's Engagement: The First Footage Surfaces

Kardashian holds both hands to her face while he's doing it, and after presumably saying "Yes," the two embrace, while family and friends flock out of both dugouts to join them in celebration. From the looks of things, the Kardashian Klan was representing in full we can see Rob, Khloe and mom Kris! as was Jaden Smith, who runs around in right field, freaking Ray J and Kim K out for reasons apparent only to him (this seems to be his default reaction to everything these days). Later on, we can see KimYe posing for pictures while West sings along to his own hit "All Of the Lights" in front of dozens of cameras.
Source: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1716086/kanye-west-kim-kardashian-engagement-proposal-video.jhtml

21. The two sisters -- alongside several family members and close friends -- witnessed the Yeezus rapper get down on bended knee to ask Kardashian's hand in marriage at the AT&T Park in San Francisco, Calif. PHOTOS: Kimye's sweetest moments "Clearly @kyliejenner and I were having a moment!" the 29-year-old reality star wrote about Kim and Kanye's special night on Wednesday, Oct. 23. "#TearsOfJoy #Sisters." Alongside the caption, Kardashian shared a sweet photo of herself and Jenner, 16, crying moments after West, 36, popped the big question. PHOTOS: Kim's romantic history "Wow!!!!!
Source: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/khloe-kardashian-kylie-jenner-cry-at-kanye-wests-epic-proposal-to-kim-kardashian-picture-20132310

Kim Kardashian's Big 2013: A Divorce, An Engagement And A Baby ... In Just 10 Months!

But this time last year, the reality star was a brunette still technically married ( to someone else !), and had no children. It's safe to say 2013 has been a whirlwind for Kim so we're looking back at her milestone year. All Signs Point North After boyfriend Kanye revealed Kim was pregnant at a concert in Atlantic City, the couple welcomed their first child on June 15, 2013. But it was 'Ye who had the honor of revealing baby North to the world on soon-to-be mother-in-law Kris Jenner's talk show. It Ain't Over Till It's Over Though she began seeing Yeezy in April 2012, Kim was actually still hitched to Humphries .
Source: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1716038/kim-kardashian-engagement-baby-2013-milestones.jhtml

August 27 2013


Myla Sinanaj: I'm Not Fat, Farrah Abraham is a Tool, Kim Kardashian is HOT!

Now she wants to look just like her. Sinanaj, who already filmed a sex tape where she calls herself "The Anti-Kim" and actually features Kim K.'s infamous sex tape with Ray J, tells TMZ that she is sick of being called the fat version of Kim Kardashian, which ... isn't a phrase we've ever seen used to describe her, but OK. Myla says, "I'm obsessed with her body and want mine to be exactly the same." To remedy the problem, she says Dr. Matthew Schulman will be performing $30,000 worth of plastic surgery procedures on her next month, including liposuction, lip injections and breast augmentation.
Source: http://blog.zap2it.com/pop2it/2013/08/myla-sinanaj-wants-to-look-more-like-kim-kardashian-turning-to-plastic-surgery.html

Okay those three things are pretty much it. Still, the star of Myla Sinanaj: The Anti-Kim XXX is a girl who deserves your attention, if for no other reason than she's trying REALLY hard to get it. Myla Sinanaj Wants to Be Like Kim Kardashian On getting plastic surgery to look just like Kim: "I want to have my surgery because I'm in love with the body that Kim Kardashian had prior to her pregnancy." "Especially her lips and stomach. The rest of the world is apparently obsessed with it as well, since they have all felt the need to call me the Fat Kim K." "I love my curves.
Source: http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2013/08/myla-sinanaj-im-not-fat-farrah-abraham-is-a-tool-kim-kardashian/

'She cheated on Reggie Bush with Kanye': Kris Humphries' ex Myla Sinanaj accuses Kim Kardashian of infidelity in Twitter tirade

Im obsessed with her (Kim Kardashians) body and want mine to be exactly the same. I know it will launch my career. According to TMZ , Myla Sinanaj has scheduled approximately $30,000 worth of plastic surgery with Dr. Matthew Schulman . located in NYC, to look like Kim Kardashian, which include, lipo, breast augmentation and lip injections, although facial reconstruction is not on the list, yet. Apparently Myla Sinanaj is tired of being referred to as the fat version of Kim K. Deirdre Haggerty, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/kris-humphries-ex-myla-sinanaj-to-undergo-plastic-surgery-to-look-like-kim-k

Kris Humphries' ex, Myla Sinanaj, has a sex tape

It was previously reported that Sinanaj and the fake Humphries happened to have the Kim K and Ray J sex show playing during the making of her very own porno. "Turn that off... I can do better than that," Sinanaj allegedly says to her co-star while the KK/Ray J video played. Thanks to Vivid, the adult film company we also produced Leathers' sextape, a five minute clip of Sinanaj in action was retrieved.
Source: http://www.kpopstarz.com/articles/38613/20130822/kim-kardashian-rival-kris-humphries-ex-myla-sinanaj.htm

Myla Sinanaj Sex Tape Pics: The Anti-Kim in Action!

Updated at August 12, 2013 8:11 am . Wanna try anal? Oh my God. Are you serious?
Source: http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2013/08/myla-sinanaj-sex-tape-pics-the-anti-kim-in-action/

Kim Kardashian Rival And Kris Humphries' Ex Myla Sinanaj Releases 'Anti-Kim Kardashian XXX' Sextape Same Day Of 'Weinergate' [WATCH]

But the one made by Sinanaj, who's pictured here with fellow video star Farrah Abraham , was planned and professionally filmed for public consumption. One is a sex tape, and the other is professional porn. "It's not like a sex tape that was stolen or obtained it was a porn movie she was specifically paid to make for Vivid," a source confirmed to Perez Hilton. "It's a sad attempt on Myla's part to stay relevant, especially considering she was only paid $15,000 to make the tape!" Keep up with all your favorite stars subscribe to the SheKnows Entertainment newsletter! >> But it doesn't matter to the deluded brunette.
Source: http://www.sheknows.com/entertainment/articles/1007035/kris-humphries-ex-myla-sinanaj-has-a-sex-tape

Kris Humphries' ex Myla Sinanaj to undergo plastic surgery to look like Kim K

In an interview with Star magazine , Amber Rose, 29, said: ' Kim is one of the main reasons why me and Kanye are not together. She's a homewrecker! They were both cheating. They were both cheating on me and Reggie with each other.' And she said that Kim instigated the affair by sending sexy pictures of herself to him as well as calling and texting him.
Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2335486/Kris-Humphries-ex-Myla-Sinanaj-accuses-Kim-Kardashian-infidelity-Twitter-tirade.html

Myla Sinanaj Denies Extortion Claims, Wants Retraction & Apology From Kris Humphries

Humphries claims Kardashian duped him into marrying her to boost publicity and ratings for her show. But Kardashians camp countered that Humphries was the real publicity hound. Kris has always wanted the limelight and will milk the divorce for every last article, a source close to Kardashian told The News. Watch full Myla Sinanaj porn Meanwhile, Humphries parents, Debra and William Humphries, are getting divorced, TMZ reported Sunday. Debra Humphries filed for divorce in Minnesota this month, the website reported.
Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/kris-humphries-myla-sinanaj-kim-kardashian-stop-dragging-high-profile-divorce-article-1.1140464

Kris Humphries' ex Myla Sinanaj wants Kim Kardashian to stop dragging her into high-profile divorce

Sinanaj's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, told TMZ that Humphries and his legal team have gone on a "campaign of destruction" against her to save his own reputation in his divorce from Kim Kardashian. "I defy them to show that she has asked for one red cent," Tacopina told the website, adding, "I challenge them to submit Kris Humphries to a polygraph and if he does I will have my client do the same. She never asked him for a penny." Tacopina also told Gossip Cop that his client has become the victim in all this because Humphries has to maintain the appearance that he was duped by Kardashian and has been left brokenhearted -- which is much more believable if he's single. Tacopina also claims he has proof Sinanaj and Humphries were in an actual relationship and not just hooking up casually. He told the website Humphries made 1000 calls to Sinanaj during the last six months, and had her sit court side with the wives and girlfriends of other Nets players. And Humphries may very well regret going to such great lengths to keep his relationship undercover, as Sinanaj's lawyer also told RadarOnline that she might be game to help Kim Kardashian out during divorce proceedings.
Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/13/myla-sinanaj-denies-extortion-claims-retraction-apology-kris-humphries_n_1593500.html

August 19 2013


The 10 best fitness foods for women

It also allows users to track their memory performance over time, so they can spot any unusual declines. Cogniciti is seeking to ride the popularity of the "brain fitness" wave, a burgeoning new industry that one market research company estimates will be worth $4 billion to $8 billion globally by 2020. The aging population and recent developments in neuroscience have made brain health a hot topic lately, especially as the "silver tsunami" of baby boomers heads toward retirement. Alvaro Fernandez, chief executive of California-based SharpBrains, said the brain fitness industry a which is comprised mostly of computer-based games that promise to improve your mental abilities a is already worth over $1 billion. Fernandez foresees a world where people will enlist the help of "brain fitness trainers" to sharpen their minds and athletes will be able to use tablets and smartphones to check whether they've suffered a concussion. "The field is going to grow to be as mainstream as physical fitness is now," Fernandez said. The Alzheimer Society of Canada estimated that a staggering 1.4 million Canadians will have Alzheimer's disease and other dementias by 2031.
Source: http://www.canada.com/health/Growth+brain+fitness+industry+prompts+creation+online+memory+checkup/8803337/story.html

Dubai Fitness Championship vows lifestyle revolution

More: 7 Ways to Protect Yourself From Cancer Eggs Don't skip the yolk. One egg a day supplies 215 milligrams of cholesterol not enough to push you over the 300-milligram daily cholesterol limit recommended by the American Heart Association. Plus, the yolk is a good source of iron, and it's loaded with lecithin, critical for brain health, says nutritionist Susan Kleiner, Ph.D. What does brain power have to do with exercise? Try doing a sun salutation without it. Chocolate Milk There's way more to milk than just calcium. In fact, it's a damn near perfect food, giving you a lot of valuable energy while keeping your calorie count low, says nutritionist Susan Kleiner, Ph.D.
Source: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2013/08/19/10-best-fitness-foods-for-women/

"Being fit is not just about working out and looking good, it's about having a positive attitude, making the right fitness choices and participating in activities one enjoys," the 33-year-old said in a statement. Nargis will represent the brand for their Studio category, a unique and innovative line of products focussed on dance, aerobics and yoga designed especially for women. "I am looking forward to this association and hope to build a positive momentum for the brand and for women's fitness in India," said the actress. The brand's other brand ambassadors include ace cricketers M.S. Dhoni, Gautam Gambhir and Unmukt Chand; hockey majors Sandeep Singh and Sardar Singh; fitness trainers Piyush Pandey and Dheepesh Bhatt; and Bollywood actor John Abraham. -*- Shahid Kapoor had fun doing mawali dance He is a fantastic dancer. He loves to dance.
Source: http://india.nydailynews.com/sportsarticle/58639ec9b98ccc9540c1cbc9948ebb33/fitness-not-just-about-working-out-nargis-fakhri-movie-snippets

AF Still Measuring Waist Rule for Fitness Test

This year we are bigger and better and we are targeting a lifestyle revolution for the people living in Dubai and the UAE through this competition, Chookah told Gulf News. Held under the patronage of Shaikh Majid Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman, Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, this years competition will see the winners in the mens and womens categories walking away with Dh200,000 each. Starting on Sunday, the qualifying rounds will be held at official partners Fitness max workouts shin ohtake First Clubs at Mirdif City Centre, Oasis Centre and Knowledge Village. In addition, participants can take part in free training sessions at Fitness First in The Meadows. Launched by Shaikh Majid last year, the championship is aimed at raising the awareness of exercise and health, while promoting the tenets of fitness among residents, especially Emiratis. The qualifying rounds of the championship will be held over a period of three weeks ending on September 8, leading up to the finals scheduled to be held at a specially set-up circuit on the Dubai Ice Rink at Dubai Mall from September 12 to 14. The objective of the Dubai Fitness Championship is to find the fittest man and woman in Dubai, and this has inspired the community to get involved and re-visit the importance of physical activity and healthy lifestyle for a productive living, Chookah said.
Source: http://gulfnews.com/sport/other-sports/dubai-fitness-championship-vows-lifestyle-revolution-1.1221389

August 13 2013


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West latest news: Kimye split?

Kim Kardashian filming TV show with baby North West?

On Aug. 12, MSN Wonderwall reported that Kanye was spotted walking around in Greece over the weekend -- without Kim or their newborn daughter, North West. Kanye was overseas promoting "Yeezus" and while Kim wasn't with him, the two haven't split. Just because they are staying out of the public eye (and Kanye's traveling alone) doesn't mean that they have broken up. "Kim is home with the baby, and Kanye is on a business trip," a source told Gossip Cop (via MSN Wonderwall). Kanye is actually already back in Los Angeles, spending more time with his lady and their baby.
Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/kim-kardashian-and-kanye-west-latest-news-kimye-split

Kanye West has splashed out on some armoured vehicles for Kim Kardashian and their baby daughter North West. CopyrightProving that his girlfriend and baby are worth every penny, Kanye, 35, forked out $1.2 million each for two Prombron Iron Diamonds by Dartz Motorz. The name alone sounds pretty OTT. The vehicles are said to prevent kidnapping and hijacking, and are built to withstand attacks from "landmines and rocked-propelled grenades." Because Kim and North will no doubt be encountering both of these on a daily basis. *Ahem* However, a source has revealed that Kanye is concerned about the level of attention Kim, 32, and North, two months, are likely to attract when they step out for the first time. The source explained: "Kanye is fully aware that his new family is so high-profile they attract the attention of weirdos and psychopaths. He aims to leave nothing to chance.
Source: http://uk.omg.yahoo.com/gossip/the-juice/kim-kardashian-baby-north-west-kanye-west-1-million-kidnap-proof-armoured-cars--090136061.html

Kris Jenner slams President Obama over comments about Kim Kardashian, Kanye West

"I was thinking about her 10,000-square-foot house, and I thought, 'Wow, her job affords her to live in a 10,000-square-foot house'. And I think, if I'm not mistaken, Mr President's job affords him to live in a 55,000-square-foot house." Jenner went on: "You poke at someone and you criticise someone for living a lifestyle... I'm sure that when he was growing up, his dream was, 'One day, I want to become president of the United States and have this wonderful, fabulous life'. That was his dream. I just didn't think we should put a cap on [dreams]. Bruce Jenner's big thing is, 'Dream big, work hard'.
Source: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/showbiz/news/a506082/kris-jenner-defends-kim-kardashian-kanye-west-against-obama-jibes.html

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West And Baby North To Live With Kris Jenner Until February?

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West And Baby North To Live With Kris Jenner Until February? EntertainmentWise 14 hours ago Print WENN Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been living with momager Kris Jenner whilst their house is fully renovated, but nobody knew exactly how long the showbiz family would all be living under the same roof for. However, during a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kris Jenner seemed to let the gossip slip! During the KUWTK episode on August 11, Kris was seen telling Bruce Jenner that Kim and Kanye's home wouldn't be ready until February, Hollywoodlife reports. Isn't that a little long for so many people to be living under one roof?
Source: http://uk.omg.yahoo.com/news/kim-kardashian-kanye-west-baby-north-live-kris-181312369.html

Kim Kardashian Posts Birthday Message To Kylie Jenner, Calls Sister Her 'Muse'

Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner -- Getty Images I know - we almost had a heart attack too. But Kimye are thinking of pulling a Beyonce and placing the first picture of their darling daughter on social media. Kim Kardashian Twitter Sources told TMZ the curvy mum-of-one , who has only made two public appearances since giving birth on June 15, has turned down major offers for a baby snap but will consider doing a "classy shoot" for Vanity Fair. Kim was glowing in a three-second Keek video she posted online and didnt bother adding a caption because sometimes the clips speak for themselves, right? Right. While her critics moan shes a talentless socialite, Kims definitely proved them wrong by smiling AND sticking her tongue out in near world-record time. The little teaser is another step closer to the grand unveiling of daughter North West and her post-pregnancy body. Aug 6, 2013 | Sources in the US reckon the 32-year-old is planning to shock her fans by showing off a slimline figure in her first public outing.
Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/kim-kardashian-north-west-first-2155204

Kris Jenner defends Kim Kardashian, Kanye West against Obama jibes

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner "Happy Birthday to my baby sis @kyliejenner !!!! Can't believe your [sic] 16!" Kim Tweeted on Saturday , along with a http://www.kimkardashiansuperstar.org/kanye-west-gives-kim-kardashian-the-assurance-she-needs-to-succeed/ photo of Kylie with sister Kendall Jenner . "I love you so much!" PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian's Maternity Style Kim later added a second photo montage of herself with the girls, writing, "More bday love for my muse & baby sis." Khloe Kardashian also Tweeted a photo montage for Kylie's birthday, with the caption, "Happy birthday to my sweet sweet @kyliejenner. No one could ever understand the bond we have and I love that! We understand our weirdness and that's love man!" As previously reported on AccessHollywood.com , on Tuesday night, Kim resurfaced in her second post-baby video appearance , posting a three-second clip of herself online. In the brief clip, the reality star - seen only from neck up - slowly sticks her tongue out for the camera...
Source: http://omg.yahoo.com/news/kim-kardashian-posts-birthday-message-kylie-jenner-calls-225139292.html

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West still turning down offers for first photos of daughter North West: report

The couple may be looking to take a cue from pals Beyoncé and Jay Z for their reveal, turning to social media and doing it themselves. It's been nearly two months since Kardashian, 32, gave birth on June 15, but according to TMZ the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star and her rapper beau, 36, are still not interested in having their baby's little face out on newsstands anytime soon. Alan Diaz/AP The couple initally thought about selling the pictures of their baby and donating the money to charity, but have apparently decided against doing that. The new parents have already rejected magazine offers up to $3 million for the first photos of little Northreportedly nicknamed Nori, according to TMZafter initially toying with the idea of selling them and donating the money to charity. Instead, now the couple may be looking to take a cue from pals Beyonce and Jay Z for their reveal.
Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/kim-kardashian-kanye-west-turn-offers-sell-photos-report-article-1.1423802

Kim Kardashian and baby North West treated by Kanye West to $1.2 million kidnap-proof armoured cars, that's one protective Dad

Celebrity Photos: July 2013 Amanda Seyfried greeted fans at "The Late Show With David Letterman" in New York City on July 30. Celebrity Photos: July 2013 Paris Hilton was all smiles as she arrived with her 19 suitcases and boyfriend River Viiperi in Ibiza on July 30. Celebrity Photos: July 2013 Robin Thicke performed on "The Today Show" in New York City on July 30. Celebrity Photos: July 2013 Kelly Ripa kicked off Electrolux's Perfect Temp Setting experience in Columbus Circle helping New Yorkers beat the heat on July 30. Celebrity Photos: July 2013 Rachel Bilson wowed at the CW, CBS And Showtime 2013 Summer TCA in Beverly Hills, Calif., on July 29.
Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/12/kylie-jenner-sweet-16-kim-kardashian-_n_3742842.html

Kim Kardashian turns down $3 million for first picture of North West

Beyonce Tumblr "I do think what's shifted is a notion that the wealthier you are, the more conspicuous consumption you engage in. The more successful you are, the more society should stay out of your way as you pursue the bigger house or the fancier jet or the bigger yacht," Obama said. "Were there things that all of us might have liked to have? Sure. But partly, I think, there also has been a shift in culture. We weren't exposed to things we didn't have in the same way kids these days are. There was not that window into the lifestyles of the rich and famous," the president said.
Source: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2013/08/12/kris-jenner-slams-president-obama-over-comments-about-kim-kardashian-kanye-west/

Kylie Jenner Celebrates Sweet 16 Without Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian filming TV show with baby NorthWest? 0 0 Kim Kardashians daughter may be making her big debut soon Keeping Up With the Kardashians. A picture might be worth $3 million words, but video could be priceless! RadarOnline.com reports that Kims daughter might be getting an early introduction to the world of reality TV. Although the new mom has been keeping a pretty low profile since delivering North on June 15, theres word that shes already been filming new scenes for Keeping Up With the Kardashians. But the real news is that E! cameras have even caught glimpses of Kims little girl! But fans of the show shouldnt expect a great shot of North just yet. The baby hasnt been filmed close up, but has been captured at a distance while Kim has been holding her. Norths temporary nursery has also been filmed, when Kanye wasnt around, one source close to production said.
Source: http://s2smagazine.com/78095/kim-kardashian-filming-tv-show-with-baby-north-west/

August 03 2013


Bodybuilding grandpas prove you?re never too old to show off your muscles

Contributor Network Monday, Nov 7, 2011 Powerlifting and bodybuilding. These two types of fitness activities may be the same to some. Although some may see powerlifting and bodybuilding as one in the same, both sports are completely different from each other. Weights. www.sxc.hu/TanjaS Even though these two sports are different, both have a few similarities. Powerlifting : Powerlifting is a strength sport and a form of competitive weightlifting that is judged based on squat, dead lift, and bench press.
Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/top/news?slug=ycn-10348707

In the past four years, MusclePharm has won 14 Bodybuilding.com Awards, including 2012 Brand of the Year. "It's an honor to have MusclePharm products and the brand recognized again this year by Bodybuilding.com," said Brad Pyatt, founder and CEO, MusclePharm. "As athletes, scientists and fitness enthusiasts, we're committed to delivering the best products to consumers and proud to receive this seal of approval from our customers and fans." "Being nominated for a Bodybuilding.com Supplement Award is quite an accomplishment," explains Bodybuilding.com CEO, Ryan DeLuca. "Nominees are the most popular brands and products on our site and the public chooses the final winners. A Bodybuilding.com Supplement Award is really the ultimate consumer vote of confidence as it means that the supplement users have deemed that brand or product the most trustworthy and effective of its kind." MusclePharm has been nominated for the following 2013 Bodybuilding.com Awards: -- Brand Of the Year - MusclePharm -- Pre-Workout Supplement of the Year - Assault -- Recovery Supplement of the Year - AMINO1 -- Amino Supplement of the Year - AMINO1 -- Multi-Vitamin Supplement of the Year - Armor-V -- Supplement of the Year - Assault -- Men's Support Supplement of the Year - Battle Fuel XT -- Best Overall Protein Powder of the Year - Combat Powder -- Supplement of the Year - Combat Powder -- Best Packaging of the Year - MP -- Casein Supplement of the Year - MP CASEIN -- Creatine Supplement of the Year - MP Creatine -- Glutamine Supplement of the Year - MP Glutamine -- RTD Supplement of the Year - MuscleGel Shot -- Clothing Brand of The Year - MusclePharm Sportswear -- Breakout Supplement of the Year - Z-Core -- Fat-Loss Supplement of the Year - Shred Matrix Winners will be determined via an online voting system that will live on Bodybuilding.com July 15, 2013 - August 12, 2013. Results will be announced live on the Olympia Main Stage as part of Joe Weider's Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 26-29, 2013. ABOUT MUSCLEPHARM CORPORATION: Founded in 2008 by former NFL player Brad Pyatt, MusclePharm is a healthy lifestyle company that develops and manufactures scientific and safe nutritional supplements.
Source: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/musclepharm-scores-17-bodybuildingcom-supplement-awards-nominations-2013-07-15

MusclePharm® Scores 17 Bodybuilding.com Supplement Awards Nominations

The 52-year-old was jailed for five years in 2003 for 15 charges of harassment and on his release he was given a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO). It bans him from certain specific activities, including feeling a persons muscles or getting them to carry out squats in public. He has since been jailed three times for flouting the SOPO, and is now facing a further string of breaches at Manchester Crown Court offences he denies. Prosecutor Michael Brady told the court: The complainants in this case are all young men whose physical appearance and build hold a fascination for this defendant. Mr Arobieke has had, and continues to have, an interest in bodybuilding. His interest extends beyond that which is legitimate and manifests itself in a way that we say is criminal. Order: Akinwale Arobieke It is alleged that between April and June 2011, Mr Arobieke approached a 19-year-old man on Market Street in Manchester and bumped into him before striking up a conversation. The man, now 20, told the jury Mr Arobieke followed him up towards the Triangle shopping centre.
Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/akinwale-arobieke-bodybuilder-accused-breaking-2114211

Bodybuilder Shaifulhaq Ahmad Ishak goes back to start in sports ban

The two friends, both grandfathers, were the oldest of nearly 250 competitors at the event, and agreed age is no roadblock to getting in shape. Campbell, a personal trainer, started bodybuilding in his 50s. "You're never too old," he told Oregon's KVAL-13 . "Bodybuilding keeps me healthy." kval.com Campbell and Huard take a break from flexing to engage in some friendly banter backstage. Heres where [age] works to our advantage - its because were mature, weve been through all the testosterone spurts, were having fun and its keeping us really healthy, said Huard, a supplement store owner. Right now, our goal is to beat someone in http://www.maxworkoutsreviews.com their 40s, which is going to happen this year, added Campbell. kval.com 'Felton got all the genetics and I put in all the hard work,' Huard (l.) said.
Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/bodybuilding-grandpas-old-show-muscle-article-1.1351444

Dr Rano Izhar Rahmat, President of the Singapore Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (SBBF) President, confirmed the athletes participation in the championship and Shaifulhaq later admitted to being in the competition when issued a Notice of Apparent Violation by Anti-Doping Singapore (ADS). According to Dr Rano, the bodybuilder has henceforth decided to not take part in future SBBF sanctioned competitions and will only join smaller, non-sanctioned events. In 2012,the ADS carried out in-competition testing at the 50th Singapore National Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championship and found that Shaifulhaq had used the substances Drostanolone and Methylhexaenamine. Shaifulhaq was banned from competition for two years,from 6 August 2012, along with six other bodybuilders. A Review Panel comprising members from the Singapore Sports Council's National Anti-Doping Advisory Board said Shaifulhaq showed little remorse for violating the period of ineligibility. It therefore recommended that Shaifulhaqs two-year period of ineligibility be restarted from 29 June 2013 the date of his participation in the 51st Singapore National Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championship 2013.
Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/bodybuilder-shaifulhaq/763632.html

Akinwale Arobieke: Bodybuilder accused of breaking order not to squeeze men's muscles

ABOUT BODYBUILDING.COM:AAAAAA Based in Meridian, Idaho, Bodybuilding.com is the world's largest online sports nutrition store. The site carries more than 9,900 health and fitness supplements and accessories, shipping to customers in more than 155 countries. Bodybuilding.com helps more than 26 million people every month achieve their health, fitness and appearance goals by offering over 28,000 pages of FREE information, including more than 20,000 articles and 8,000 videos, expert-designed online training programs, and new content added daily.A For more information, please visit www.bodybuilding.com Forward Looking StatementsAAAAAA The information contained herein includes forward-looking statements. These statements relate to future events or to our future financial performance, and involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause our actual results, levels of activity, performance, or achievements to be materially different from any future results, levels of activity, performance or achievements expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements. You should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements since they involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which are, in some cases, beyond our control and which could, and likely will, materially affect actual results, levels of activity, performance or achievements.
Source: http://www.bizjournals.com/prnewswire/press_releases/2013/07/15/LA46954

July 28 2013


Kim Kardashian - Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spend 500k on gold toilets

'They'll call us KKK!' Kim Kardashian reveals why she and Kanye West avoided a 'K' Kanye West gives Kim Kardashian the assurance she needs to succeed name for daughter North

EDT July 27, 2013 Kris Jenner says Kim wants Bynes "to be fabulous and get well" Amanda Bynes at her July 9 Manhattan Criminal Court appearance. (Photo: Neilson Barnard, Getty Images) SHARE 426 CONNECT 30 TWEET 38 COMMENTEMAILMORE Amanda Bynes can take comfort in the support of another controversial (if less embattled) celeb: Kim Kardashian. The subject of Bynes came up while Keeping Up With the Kardashians producer Ryan Seacrest chatted with Kris Jenner while taping last Thursday's episode of her new reality show, Kris. Jenner and Seacrest expressed sympathy for Bynes, whose parents recently filed a request for a conservatorship over their troubled daughter. While that part of their conversation wasn't broadcast, Us Weekly was able to obtain the video clip and post it.
Source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2013/07/27/kris-kardashian-says-kim-wishes-amanda-bynes-well/2592439/

Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian to quit reality TV?

Kris Jenner and her daughter Kim Kardashian reportedly want to quit their reality TV show The reality TV star and the rapper are also thought to be splashing out 500,000 on their kitchen including a Swarovski- encrusted fridge freezer. A source told The Sun newspaper: ''They expect the interior to cost twice as much as the property. They're spending more than a million on a security system alone.'' The new parents had been living with Kim's mother-and-manager Kris Jenner but have recently found a mansion to rent while work continues on their estate. An source said: ''Kim and Kanye have finally settled on a temporary mansion for their family to move into.
Source: http://www.contactmusic.com/story/kim-kardashian-and-kanye-west-spend-500k-on-gold-toilets_3776898

Kim Kardashian "obsessed" with Amanda Bynes

Kris Jenner and her daughter Kim Kardashian reportedly want to quit their reality TV show 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' because they want to end the show on a ''high note''. Kris Jenner and her daughter Kim Kardashian reportedly want to quit their reality TV show 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' because they want to end the show on a ''high note''. Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian reportedly want to quit 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians'. The mother and daughter, who achieved worldwide fame on the reality TV show which airs the day to day life of the Kardashian and Jenner family, want to end the series on a ''high note'' and don't want it to go on too long. A source said: ''Both Kim and Kris want to make sure they end on a high note, leaving fans wanting more, rather than try and stretch the show on for another few seasons and watch it die a death. Plus, they are now moving on in their lives ...
Source: http://news.ph.msn.com/entertainment/kris-jenner-and-kim-kardashian-to-quit-reality-tv-1

Kick Ass 2 Trailer Extra TV is reporting that Kimye almost $1 million on their new beds. You read that right: almost $1 million. As in 1/11 of the cost of their entire house. Kimye reportedly bought a total of six special-edition Savoir Royal State Beds, which were made in honor of Queen Elizabeth IIs Diamond Jubilee. Only 60 of them were ever produced, and each bed costs around $166,000. Splash News has photos of the beds, which are gold in color and feature a tall canopy that looks fit for a king and queen. Yahoo News writes that they are created from a unique combination of cashmere, carded Virgin lambs wool, and Mongolian horse hair, laid over hand-tied, star-lashed springs." Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Pricey Royal Beds (PHOTOS) View Gallery Savoir Beds managing director, Alistair Hughes, told Yahoo,"As a rule we never discuss clients particular orders.
Source: http://www.wetpaint.com/kardashians/articles/2013-07-26-kim-kardashian-kanye-west-spend

Kim Kardashian And Kris Jenner Ready To Quit Reality Television

"She's feeling great and looking forward to getting back in shape." Also Kardashian is living at her mother's Hidden Hills home. There, Kris Jenner's personal chef is making Kim's meals and light and healthy snacks, the mag said. The new mom is also "settling into a routine with her daughter," the source added. "She's happy with the way she looks but she knows she still has a way to go to get her pre-baby body totally back." On her reality show, Kardashian became nostalgic about her pre-baby body and often posted photos of her fit and toned figure on Instagram during her pregnancy.
Source: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/gossip/la-et-mg-kim-kardashian-baby-weight-name-north-20130726,0,3831572.story

Kour! There's still one Kardashian flaunting her shapely bod

The pair were widely tipped to be considering a 'K' name to reflect their own monikers. But according to Kim they were anxious to avoid any inadvertent comparison to the supremacist group the Ku Klux Klan. 'If we name our kid with a K Name, which is kind of what we want, mainly just because Kanye and I are Ks, then they'll name us KKK,' Kim explained. Scroll down for video 'They'll call us KKK!' Kim Kardashian reveals why she and Kanye West avoided a 'K' name for daughter North in a preview of Sunday's Keeping Up With The Kardashians The reality star was talking on a preview of the next episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The episode, shot while Kim was heavily pregnant with her daughter, also sees her family offer their views on the controversial final choice of North.
Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2379255/Theyll-KKK-Kim-Kardashian-reveals-Kanye-West-avoided-K-daughter-North.html?ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Spend $1 Million... on Their BEDS: Report

Cover5-1374878234 Believing that the couple who welcomed their baby daughter North into the world on June 15, had no qualms about splashing the cash, a source claimed to The Sun: "They expect the interior to cost twice as much as the property. Theyre spending more than a million on a security system alone. However, a source close to the couple were quick to dismiss the reports as "not true" to Gossip Cop. Kim Kardashian And Kanye West's Gold Plated Toilets Claims Flushed Away As Rumour Is 'Not True' Kim and Kanye are not splashing the cash on gold plated toilets (WENN) Whilst Kim may be looking forward to setting up her home with her rapper beau and her daughter, it has been claimed that Kim wanted to meet her ex husband Kris Humphries face to face for one last time following the finalisation of their divorce. However, the sports star didn't want to play ball with a source alleging to Radar Online: ''Kris turned down Kim's offer because he didn't want to appear on any of the Kardashian reality shows ever again. Kim and Kris haven't spoken since the divorce was made final, and there are no plans to do so.'' Claiming that Kris was upset to see Kim celebrating the end of her marriage on the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the source continued: "He heard about it from his friends. On the day the divorce was finalised, Kris was sombre and a bit sad. There was absolutely no celebration, or parties.
Source: http://uk.omg.yahoo.com/news/kim-kardashian-kanye-wests-gold-plated-toilets-claims-133109357.html

Kim Kardashian losing baby weight, explaining origin of 'North'

Meet the Kardashians and their extended family The subject of Bynes came up while Keeping Up With the Kardashians producer Ryan Seacrest chatted with Kris Jenner while taping last Thursday's episode of her new reality show, Kris. Jenner and Seacrest expressed sympathy for Bynes, whose parents recently filed a request for a conservatorship over their troubled daughter. While that part of their conversation wasn't broadcast, Us Weekly was able to obtain the video clip and post it. Said Jenner, "This is something that, for me as a mom, makes me very sad, but happy that she's getting perhaps the help that she needs for one reason or another ...
Source: http://www.courier-journal.com/usatoday/article/2592439

Amanda Bynes There's still one Kardashian flaunting her shapely bod Stripe tease ... The mum-of-two flashed some underboob as she tied back her hair in a skimpy navy and white bikini and covered her shapely curves with a flowing kaftan. The oldest Kardashian sister was taking a stroll on the beach in Miami, Florida, while boyfriend Scott Disick stayed in their hotel looking after kids Mason Dash, 3, and one-year-old Penelope Scotland. Kourtney, 34, has shed over 40lb since the birth of her daughter a year ago. And she shore stripes a great pose here...
Source: http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/5036998/kourtney-kardashian-underboob-bikini-miami.html

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West's Gold Plated Toilets Claims Flushed Away As Rumour Is 'Not True'

WENN According to an insider who spoke to Naughty But Nice Rob recently, Jenner still has her sights set on fame and money. Kris wants to focus on being a talk-show host and maybe start producing movies. Shes telling everyone that one day she will have an Oscar, the source explained. Definitely sounds about right for the Kardashians matriarch. The source added: Both Kim and Kris want to make sure they end on a high note, leaving fans wanting more, rather than try and stretch the show on for another few seasons and watch it die a death, claiming that both Kim and Kris are ready to end of all their reality television shows. However, back in April 2012, the Kardashian clan signed a deal with E!, which would keep their shows on the air until 2015. Do you think the Kardashians should disappear from reality television? Or do you enjoy them?
Source: http://realitytvmagazine.sheknows.com/2013/07/26/kim-kardashian-and-kris-jenner-ready-to-quit-reality-television/

Kourtney Kardashian Shows Off Bikini Body

Her colorful, flowy coverup blew in the wind as she walked. Indeed, the star has been working hard on her bod since giving birth to daughter Penelope last July. (She also has son Mason, 3.) "I gained 45 pounds with Penelope," she told Us Weekly in January . "It was harder to lose weight the second time around." The 5-foot star worked with pro Tracy Anderson, doing 90-minute dance-focused workouts and eating small portion meals.
Source: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-moms/news/kourtney-kardashian-shows-off-bikini-body-2013277

July 20 2013


Farrah Abraham Slammed By Michael Lohan: Lindsay Lohan's Dad Sees 'Black, Darkness, Evil' In 'Teen Mom 2' Star's Eyes

Farrah Abraham Makes Shocking Allegation Against Michael Lohan

Lohan retorted to Radar on the subject of the 20-year old mother: "When you look into her eyes, all you see black, darkness, evil." Abraham and Lohan crossed paths while attending the luxurious Lukens Institute in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. Lohan revealed that while in the program, no one liked Abraham, who was serving time in treatment for alcohol abuse following her DUI charges. "Farrah got along with nobody," he revealed to Radar. "I feel bad for her. As I told her. Dr Lukens, Dr Kelly and I l did so much for her problems, but as a human being it will take a lot more than therapy. She had her day in the sun with her sex tape and her career is going to end here. She thinks she's going to be like the Kardashians.
Source: http://www.hngn.com/articles/8057/20130718/farrah-abraham-slammed-michael-lohan-lindsay-lohans-dad-sees-black.htm

Farrah Abraham Flubs Trayvon Martin's Identity, Mistakes Murdered Teen for a Girl

Farrah Abraham Flubs Trayvon Martin Farrah Abraham entered rehab with the intention of making "better choices," but the sex tape star apparently wasn't on her best behavior at the Florida facility. According to RadarOnline , the 22-year-old "Teen Mom" star was kicked out of the high-end Lukens Institute rehab center on Monday night; just two days shy of completing her 10-day program, because she was a "disruptive influence" on other patients. "Her behavior became challenging," a Radar source said. infusny-246/248/INFphoto.com Farrah Abraham was released from the Lukens Institute on Monday night, two days shy of completing her 10-day program, RadarOnline reports. Among her alleged offenses, Abraham reportedly got into arguments with staff, bullied fellow patients, made outlandish demands and invited paparazzi to take pictures of her. Case in point: the reality star donned a tiny pink bikini as she posed for paparazzi on the beach during her day off from rehab on Sunday. She even tried to take photos with another famous patient staying at the center "Tan Mom" Patricia Krentcil. During her week-long stay, Abraham was almost asked to leave on more than one occasion. Uri Schanker/FilmMagic Abraham was asked to leave on more than one occasion, but was given a second chance Radar reports.
Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/farrah-abraham-booted-rehab-disruptive-behavior-article-1.1393705

Report: 'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham rejected by Playboy

article photo Earlier this week, she angered many people when she was asked what she thought about Trayvon Martin and said she thought "she" was someone she had met, but couldn't place the face with the name. To make matters worse, Farrah later tried to explain the unfortunate gaffe and just made matters worse ( read her full statement here ). Also, during her media blitz, she has managed to insult some very high-profile people, including Charlie Sheen, Kim Kardashian and fellow Teen Mom star, Catelynn Lowell. Now, she is taking aim at Lindsay Lohan 's father, Michael Lohan, who is a spokesperson for the Lukens Institute, where Farrah went to rehab. When Michael spoke out about his experience with the Teen Mom turned porn star, he told RadarOnline that Farrah is desperate to become famous and dreams of becoming a Kardashian. He also said, "When you look into her eyes, all you see black, darkness, evil." Farrah, who reportedly got kicked out of the rehab facility for being disruptive, claims that her manager was the one who said that and that she is a "lying b*tch." About Michael, Farrah claimed, "I don't even care what he says. My old PR person had me go to the Lukens Institute where he is the marketing person for them." Then, she took it a step further, alleging that Michael cheated on his girlfriend with the agent, saying, "My PR person was basically screwing him and you know, he just had a child and every other thing." Cambio called Farrah's old PR agency, GR Media, who claimed that the agent in question (Gina Rodriguez) had "no comment." However, she seems to have changed her mind and posted the following on her Twitter page: Also, Michael's current girlfriend Kate Major doesn't seem to be buying Farrah's side of the story, either. After Farrah made the allegation, Kate tweeted this: Sounds like both of them are completely fed up with Farrah.
Source: http://www.cambio.com/2013/07/20/farrah-abraham-slammed-by-former-pr-person/

Farrah Abraham kicked out of rehab program early for 'disruptive' behavior: report

While talking to Matty P's Radio Happy Hour this week, the former Teen Mom star was unaware who Trayvon Martin was -- confusing the slain teen boy at the center of the highly-publicized George Zimmerman murder trial for a girl. PHOTOS: Farrah's bikini body "I feel like I've met her or something," the 22-year-old mom to Sophia, 4, said. "That sounds so familiar. I dont know what she is, I cant picture the person with the name right now." Her answer sparked much surprise and shock from listeners, as the February death of Martin, 17, sparked a heated debate about racial profiling across the country. (During the Feb. 26 altercation, Zimmerman, 29, a neighborhood watch volunteer, claimed he shot Martin in self-defense.) When Zimmerman was found not guilty of second-degree murder and was acquitted of manslaughter on Saturday, July 13, many celebrities -- and even President Obama -- weighed in on the sentence. PHOTOS: Teen Mom -- where are they now? For now, Abraham, who recently released a sex tape and attended rehab for alcohol abuse in June, isn't worrying about her flub. "It's hard being a hot single mom, but somebodys gottta be it :) #LoveLife," she tweeted on Tuesday, July 16. PHOTOS: Teen Mom 2 tots Tell Us: Are you surprised that Abraham didn't know who Martin was?
Source: http://omg.yahoo.com/news/farrah-abraham-flubs-trayvon-martins-identity-mistakes-murdered-220000571-us-weekly.html?.tsrc=yfpnewsapp

Abraham, of Council Bluffs, reportedly reached out to the men's magazine about posing nude in an upcoming issue and was denied, the online entertainment news site TMZ reported . So she tried again and got the same answer no. The magazine said it did not have room for Abraham, TMZ reported. Playboy officials said Thursday they would not comment one way or the other. There are constantly rumors in the press about who might be posing for the magazine. We don't comment one way or the other, said Theresa Hennessey, a spokeswoman for Playboy. Abraham recently released a sex tape called Backdoor Teen Mom with porn star James Deen. She defended her site internet decision to make the video, claiming she wanted to celebrate (her) awesome body. On Monday, Abraham took to Twitter to dispel rumors about the Playboy rejection. Really laughing at all the blog lie drama about Playboy, she said.
Source: http://www.omaha.com/article/20130718/NEWS/130719276

June 21 2013


Kim Kardashian shows off huge baby bump in bikini days before giving birth, as it's revealed she's started her post baby body diet already

Kim Kardashian said she put on 25lbs during her pregnancy. Copyright [WENN]A source revealed: "She can have a tummy tuck, which will take care of most of her weight fears.
For the original version including any supplementary twitter images or video, visit http://uk.omg.yahoo.com/gossip/the-juice/kim-kardashian-huge-baby-bump-bikini-giving-birth-post-baby-body-diet--104659899.html

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West's Baby Name "Definitely Does Not Start With a K"

(Jason Kempin / Getty Images / June 19, 2013) Also By Greg Braxton June 20, 2013, 11:37 a.m. Just because Kim Kardashian gave birth a few days ago to her first child doesn't mean her sister Khloe Kardashian isn't going to try to grab at least a few beams of the media spotlight. Khloe, featured in E!'s "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" while her reality series with her fading basketball husband, Lamar Odom, remains on hold, spent Wednesday hyping the new Kardashian Sun Kissed sunless tanning lotion line at a beauty store in Burbank. With half of her hair wrapped up in a bizarre set of cornrows, Khloe unveiled Sun Kissed as a lotion "designed to deliver a healthy looking, bronzed complexion reminicent of the Kardashian sisters' signature golden head-to-toe glow."
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/tv/showtracker/la-et-st-khloe-kardashian-competes-for-attention-with-sister-kims-new-baby-20130620,0,3173459.story

Are Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Ready For Marriage After Leaving The Hospital With Their Baby?

Kardashian , Kanye West , Kim Kardashian's Instagram pic for Kanye's birthday Kim Kardashian and boyfriend Kanye West may be heading towards marriage, after the birth of their daughter on June 15. The couple left the Los Angeles hospital on Wednesday with their baby and moved to a private location. "An engagement between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is imminent - expect it any day.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.kpopstarz.com/articles/31960/20130620/kim-kardashian-kanye-west-marriage-baby.htm

June 03 2013


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